Ridge Capping

Here at Cain Roofing, we know full well rain is a roof’s worst enemy. We have tried and tested our ridge capping materials and methods over the years, ensuring customers have the best installations possible. Roofing specialists will repair any gaps in your ridge capping or install a completely new system from scratch.

  • Ridge capping can be tailored to the shape of the roof. It can even accommodate arched or v-shaped roofs to maximize your protection.
  • Cain Roofing can provide capping made of concrete, clay, or other tile materials.
  • The capping is secured to the roof tiles with a watertight material, such as cement. It won’t crack or allow any water to penetrate into other parts of the roof.

Ridge capping consists of a tile covering at the ridgeline of your roof. It is an extra line of defense against the weather, as rain would otherwise seep in. Winds could then lift other tiles and roof parts. Better yet, we can even design the capping to match your roof, gutters, and other elements.

Repairs to Existing Installations

If you don’t need a completely new system, we can repair what you have. Even though strong, ridge capping can require maintenance over time and after years of exposure to weather. Cain roofing can lay fresh cement, replace the mortar, and fix damaged tiles. We use the best materials and techniques in the industry to maximize the durability of each installation. If you need ridge capping work or replacement, call Cain Roofing today on 0438 893 429.

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