Cain Roofing has been a one-stop destination for roof maintenance, repairs, and replacement for over 15 years. From restorations to plumbing to pressure cleaning, customers can call on us for just about anything. Our reputation of courtesy, professionalism, and efficiency has solidified our presence in Perth and beyond.

Residential and commercial customers have repeatedly called upon us for a number of different services. These are all conducted to the best industry standards and workmanship.

  • Restorations – A complete overhaul of your roof structure if needed. Our qualified roofers will provide tile resurfacing, repairs to roof supports and underlayers, fix storm drains and pipes, perform asbestos abatement, and more. Simply put, they’ll do whatever it takes to restore your roof to its optimal condition.
  • Plumbing – If a complete roof plumbing overhaul is required, Cain Roofing is the company to call. Our contractors will fix or replace any pipe, gutter, or decking; fix vents; and replace cladding or skylights to maximize your roof’s integrity. We specialize in the physics of plumbing and making sure water drains properly to the ground and not into your house.
  • Downpipes – It is not uncommon for downpipes to become clogged and rusted. Regular maintenance will keep your piping in top condition. Our roofers can provide inspections and maintenance or perform thorough calculations if you need a downpipe system or an overhaul of an existing one.
  • Gutters – We’ll provide seasonal cleaning to ensure a long-lasting system. The proper tools are employed to clear debris and provide repairs or replacements where necessary.
  • Leak Repair – The most effective tools and equipment are used to identify leaks and fix them before any major problems occur.
  • Ridge Capping – Our expertise, materials, and tools enable us to fix and install ridge capping on almost any kind of roof, maximizing its integrity and water resistance.

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