Pressure Cleaning

As a full-service roofing company, Cain Roofing offers everything in terms of the best maintenance, repairs, and restorations. Adequate pressure cleaning requires specialized equipment. Plus, attempting the job yourself can be downright dangerous.

Cain Roofing has the expertise to perform the job without a hitch. Our experts have years of experience and ensure a high-quality result each time. With this kind of attention, homeowners are sure to have the most attractive roof in the neighbourhood that will last a long time.

Pressure cleaning is important because it:

  • Removes dirt and grime before painting or other renovations.
  • Helps spot leaks before potential problem areas are covered up.
  • Extends the life of paint and sealers applied during renovations.
  • Removes organic growth on some roofs, which can cause problems later.
  • Is suitable for many types, including tile, metal, and terracotta roofing.

Experts in High Pressure Roof Cleaning

Cain Roofing employs a high level of experience in this area. Special machines can eject water at very high pressures but we understand the principles involved. When done properly, this freshens up just about any roof; it also preps any surface for the completion of a solid and durable roofing system.

The process is extremely effective at remove stubborn dirt and getting rid of algae, moss, mold, and other unwanted buildup. Our highly skilled roofers will get your roof looking like new in no time. It will also last much longer regardless of the climate and weather conditions.

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